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I have worked at this company for 24 years, starting as a file clerk, and working my way up the ladder. I am now the IT/Telephony and Marketing Director. You can imagine the varied tasks and projects these two completely different departments can have. To say the least, with these two completely different departments, I felt overwhelmed and disorganized. Until Wrike! Wrike Fan For-Ever! I love to learn and share my knowledge of Wrike.


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  3. [Status: Backburner ⏳] Folders for reports

This would be such a huge benefit! I'm upvoting

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  3. Create your own Knowledge Base in Wrike

We have new Users starting to use Wrike. I have implemented a Tip of the Day system. It's a folder with a lot of tips, starting from the basic up to the more advanced. When i know the User is ready...

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  3. Sorting itens in a dashboard

@Lisa Chiming in here. I wish the sort order was descending! When i sort by date, we have to scroll way to the bottom to see the most recent.  Up voting this one!

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  3. [From Wrike] New Experience 'Ask Me Anything' with our Product team 🙋

Did you know you can rearrange items on the Home page? Although you can't change where a column goes, for instance, move the Inbox to the far right, you can move items around in the middle column. ...

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  3. Recurrent Project Duplication

Oh My! Just found this thread! We have so many recurring projects, it would be so cool if they could reoccur on their own. Currently, I use the Request Form to activate the Blueprint. 

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  3. [From Wrike] Community Badge Program 🙌

So happy to see the Badges are active! I'll keep posting. :D 

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  3. Overdue tasks

I find getting people to check the dashboards a challenge as well. I think a Wrikebot would be a great idea!

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  3. Inbox-Notifier for Blueprint-Tasks from Request Forms

Since I'm the Admin on the account and create all the Blueprints, I notice I don't get notifications when a Request Form is completed that assigns to me.  I agree, this needs to be corrected. 

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  3. Reordering folders in List View

Folders are listed in numerical or alphabetical order. If you would like to change their order, you can use numbers, such as 01. New 02.Today, etc. or add an alpha character such as aNew, bToday.  ...

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  3. [Status: Coming Soon...🕑] Collapsing space

Please Please Please - A Collapse All Option for Spaces!!! Love the functionality of the Spaces, as it helped organize many different previous folders, but since i have to collapse them all one by ...


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