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  • Conoce a mi equipo, mi industria, mis intereses y todo lo que consigo utilizando Wrike I have worked at this company for 24 years, starting as a file clerk, and working my way up the ladder. I am now the IT/Telephony and Marketing Director. You can imagine the varied tasks and projects these two completely different departments can have. To say the least, with these two completely different departments, I felt overwhelmed and disorganized. Until Wrike! Wrike Fan For-Ever! I love to learn and share my knowledge of Wrike.


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  • Wrike Desktop App - Stuck to the Screen? Here's the solution!

    I have the app on my Windows 10 PC. I have two monitors. I opened the Wrike app and could not move it to the other monitor, nor resize the app. It was 'stuck' to the one monitor.  The resolution wa...

  • Wrike Assist!! New Pop-Up in the App

    If you have updated to the most recent version of the Wrike Desktop App (Pc for sure), in the bottom right corner it now offers only two options: Add Users and Wrike Assist, instead of, well, I hav...

  • Auto Assign based on Workflow using Request forms

    Can the request form use the default workflow of the folder that task is being placed into to auto assign a user? I did some testing.  We have a request form that creates a task and places it into ...

  • Reports created Before Spaces no longer work correctly

    Sadly, i just discovered that all my reports i created before Spaces no longer look in the folders/projects i had them assigned to look at. I have had to go into my reports and update that informat...

  • Request forms issue with Blueprint

    I just discovered that when i create a request form using a blue print and select a question to be the prefix, it does not save my selection. I tried different types of questions.  Is there a 'feed...

  • Comments on current Workload features

    I can't zoom in like on Gantt Chart, can only see the first letter of the tasks that are for, say 2h, on that day. Need to be able to stretch it to see only one day, or one week, etc.  Sharing. As ...

  • How To - Follow a question on the community page without adding a comment.

    I wanted to know the answer to a question on here, so i added a comment, so that when someone posts the answer, I will get notified.  Then I realized that on the main page, this looked like someone...

  • External Users?

    I'm confused on the differences between a full User and an External User. The only difference i can find is that the External user cannot Share a folder or project. Marj | Wrike Enthusiast 

  • Wrike Templates - How do I get them?

    Wrike offers a variety of templates, but no matter how much i try, i can't figure out how to download them.  Help! Templates:  https://www.wrike.com/templates/

  • Sharing - Workload Charts

    Who can see the Chart I made?  Can only Administrators create Charts? Is there a limit on the number of Charts? help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010835433-Updated-Workload