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  • Conoce a mi equipo, mi industria, mis intereses y todo lo que consigo utilizando Wrike I have worked at this company for 24 years, starting as a file clerk, and working my way up the ladder. I am now the IT/Telephony and Marketing Director. You can imagine the varied tasks and projects these two completely different departments can have. To say the least, with these two completely different departments, I felt overwhelmed and disorganized. Until Wrike! Wrike Fan For-Ever! I love to learn and share my knowledge of Wrike.


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  • Adding Vacation Dates to Work Schedule

    My assistant accidentally added incorrect vacation dates to her work schedule. Needless to say, it rescheduled her tasks, a lot of them, since she put in 3 weeks. I suggest an option to confirm the...

  • Wrike Tip - Unassigned Tasks & How Not to Lose Them

    With Wrike, an unassigned task will get lost in the 'cloud'. To prevent losing these tasks, I created a report at the root folder that sends me a daily report of all unassigned tasks. Has come in h...

  • Wrike Desktop App - Stuck to the Screen? Here's the solution!

    I have the app on my Windows 10 PC. I have two monitors. I opened the Wrike app and could not move it to the other monitor, nor resize the app. It was 'stuck' to the one monitor.  The resolution wa...

  • Sharing - Workload Charts

    Who can see the Chart I made?  Can only Administrators create Charts? Is there a limit on the number of Charts? help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010835433-Updated-Workload

  • How To - Follow a question on the community page without adding a comment.

    I wanted to know the answer to a question on here, so i added a comment, so that when someone posts the answer, I will get notified.  Then I realized that on the main page, this looked like someone...

  • How to add Existing tasks to a classic calender?

    I've looked just about every where i can think to look, but i can't figure out how to add an existing task to an existing Classic Calendar.  I know the answer is probably right in front of me, but ...

  • Wrike Assist!! New Pop-Up in the App

    If you have updated to the most recent version of the Wrike Desktop App (Pc for sure), in the bottom right corner it now offers only two options: Add Users and Wrike Assist, instead of, well, I hav...

  • External Users?

    I'm confused on the differences between a full User and an External User. The only difference i can find is that the External user cannot Share a folder or project. Marj | Wrike Enthusiast 

  • Multiple notification pop ups

    I use the Wrike desktop app, Win 10.  Whenever i get mentioned or assigned, i get the notification pop up 3 times, one right after the other. I thought it was computer based, but it happens on my l...

  • Wrike Tip - Emailing Tasks

    I absolutely love the add in for Outlook. I open my In-box in the am, convert any email that needs attention to a task, assign it to a folder, set the status, assign to the appropriate person, and ...