Where's the Manual?

I have several hours today with a few issues while working with Custom Fields.  I discovered that Wrike does not have any formal documentation but instead relies on 1000's of postings from others who may or may not share your issue.  Where does one get specifications?  How long is the field length in a "text" custom field?  How many expressions can be included in a custom field formula?  Brackets "[ ]" are used to surround the formula variables, but additional arithmetic expressions use parenthesis but where is that listed?

Wrike is a fantastic product so why when I call or chat I'm directed to YouTube videos or a self-help FAQ/Community board?  

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Hi Dave Gann, thank you for reaching out! 😊

I can see that you've already had some discussions on this topic with our Support team. I can also see that you weren't able to find some help pages. The thing is, our Help Center incorporates official Help pages AND Community pages in one. So what I would suggest is when you're searching for a particular Help page is to search among "Articles".

After you typed your search request in the search bar, you will see the number of articles under "Articles" and "Community" (on the left side of the screen):

If you click on "Articles", you'll see a number of articles for a specific topic:


When you click on any article, you'll not only see its content, but also the context around this topic and other related articles on the left panel:

I hope this will help you navigate our help Center articles! 

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