๐Ÿ‘€ Releases - Wrike Views, New Login Methods, and Fixes (08/02/2021)


Feature Updates

We added the ability to right-click a view name from the panel above the view itself and select what needs to be done from the list of options. Before you could access this same menu via the three-dot button, but only for the view which was currently open (this option is still available too).
We've changed the way users with multiple accounts log into Wrike. Before users could log in to one of their accounts and switch between accounts without additional checks. Now, users have to log in to each of their accounts separately when switching accounts.
Note: you won't have to log in every time you switch accounts, Wrike will remember all of the accounts where you've already logged in.



  • Reports Not Auto - Refreshed
When some of you were changing the filtering on their reports (specifically to custom fields with pasted values) the reports would remain stubbornly unfiltered, forcing users to manually refresh. Don't reach for your french press, we've fixed it already โ˜•
  • A Dashboard with No Name
When switching to Dashboards from any other locations in Wrike, the tab name would not change to Dashboards. Fixed ๐Ÿด

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