Tracking inventory with Wrike?

Hello all, 

I have a team asking for tips on how to track inventory of some sample products from within Wrike. They'd like to track:

  • Item
  • Status (checked in or out)
  • Current Location
  • Date it went to the current location
  • Date it will come back to HQ (if checked out)

I was thinking of making each item a task and using some custom fields. The biggest thing they wanted to do was view each item in a calendar view, and show when it was checked in or checked out, or when it would be checked back in again, from that calendar view. This is the part I'm having a problem with because the calendar view can really only show the current state of the status, not future or past. Has anyone tried to do something similar?




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Hi Nich,

Couldn't the check out/in date be the tasks' start and due date? That way you could track when an item was overdue to be returned. I have something similar with our monthly promotions calendar:


Each FOLDER is a PLACEMENT - Homepage banner, in-branch flier, on-hold script, etc.

Each TASK is a TOPIC - Product, service, etc. being promoted

Each STATUS is well.. the STATUS! Planned, Tentative, Live, Removed

START DATE = day it goes up and END DATE = day it should be removed

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