Time spent on task, grouped on "tasktype"

Hi all.

Trying to figure out a way keep track on what we are spending time on in a projekt.

Let say we have 6 different types of task, see picture below.

I would like to be able to sum up the time per type and visulize it to the project members.

Today we have created a "Sub-folder" containing the timetypes as folders and "marked" the task with the "sub folders". It creates a nice vizualisation in the board. 
The drawback is that when we are trying to us  the "project/folder" logic in Wrike displays the time multiple times due to the folder grouping.

Our second experiment were to create a custom field "task type", but I cannot get the report to work across the task/timelog "boarder" to be able to group all the time spent on task type "dev" for example.

Is there any way to measure the time spent on a task of the same type?
Not really keen on extracting everything to an excel since I am already sitting on all data, only a matter on how to get it.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Rikard Karlsson!

One way you could achieve this is through Time Tracking Categories. This way, you could add time entries for each of the tasks you're working on, and then group these time entries by each type of task, and report on this through the Timelog view.

Let me know if this helped!

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