Get User Status by API?

Hello! I wanted to regularly pull some user audit data from Wrike, and I've got a nice little Powershell script that can query the contacts endpoint and return a certain amount of data about our users. However, the user's status (active/deactivated) is not part of this. Is there some other way I can get that? I get the same data if I query the user's ID directly. This is the kind of data I get:

id : [fakedata]
firstName : [fakedata]
lastName : [fakedata]
type : Person
profiles : {@{accountId=[fakedata]; email=[fakedata]; role=User; external=False; admin=False;
avatarUrl : [fakedata]
timezone : [fakedata]
locale : en
deleted : False
title : [fakedata]
companyName : [fakedata]

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Hi Maggie Lovell, welcome to the Community 🙂

For this, I think we'll need some help from our Advanced Support team. I'm raising a ticket for you know 🙌

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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