How to a task and assign to a category like "New Task", "Bug"

Hi, I have a project "XYZ" and already in production. Now my question is.

When I have a new requirement I want to create a task in New Task category in project "XYZ".

When I get a bug in the software I want to create a task in Bug category in project "XYZ". 

I saw people saying use workflow to create your own workflow and use these NewTask and Bug as status. But these are not status. I need the existing status because the developer will work on the task and on finishing he will mark the status as completed, so I can't make any changes in that. Please let me know if there is way to distinguish/mark/tag tasks.

I have seen this feature in many other bug tracking/project management tools, but could not find here. I am sure it is there but I could not figure out where it is.

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Hey Md Najmul Hoda, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the long reply here!

I can recommend a couple of things here:

You can create a folder for categories with subfolders for each category and then tag tasks with those folders. 

You can also create a Custom Field with a selection of categories there 

Please let me know if that helped 🙂

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