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Hi Everyone!

We're evaluating the upgrade in order to have time tracking and reports of status, meanwhile can you guys tell me your solutions for time tracking comparing PLAY/PAUSE and STATUS reports of time?

The second option would be a report of time a task stayed in a status, for example: how much time a task stayed in the DOING status. If it's possible.


Eduardo Ellery

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Hi Eduardo, thanks for reaching out!

Not sure I understood you correctly, but here are a couple of things I'd recommend to check out:

1. Timelog Report to track entered time for tasks

2. Timesheets to have a quick overview of tasks you worked on during a given week and time you spent working on them.

3. Workflow Report to see the average amount of time tasks spend in a particular status and find bottlenecks in your process.

Hope this helps and please let me know if you ave further questions! 

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