Widget Filter: Show Tasks Assigned to *Anyone*

I need a widget to show me tasks that are part of a certain workflow that are assigned to anyone in my organization. The use case is that sometimes a task goes into limbo because it's assigned to someone who's not routinely part of workflow X. There's no obvious way for people in that workflow to know this task is out there. 

Just as there's a box to check for "Unassigned," there ought to be a box I can check that says "Assigned." 

Thoughts? Is there a workaround that doesn't involve manually selecting every last person in my organization, minus the X number on my team? 

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Hi Josh! We just came across this at our office yesterday. What we did was create a User Group that contained "Anyone" (actually, it was certain users, but you get what I mean), and then told the widget to show all assigned to that group. 

Note: Groups can only be created by Admins. 

I hope this helps. 

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