Workflow Assign by Status - Choose "current user"

I have a workflow, as does my assistant, created for each of us. This workflow is assigned to our #Triage Folder, where all new tasks start and then are assigned to their appropriate folders. Helpful for going through the daily In Box in email, or for when the boss comes in with a task/project, and you barely have enough time to grab a pen, just open #triage and start typing.  As soon as i press enter on the task, it auto assigns to me. Same for my assistant on her #triage with her workflow. 

The problem is, in order for all the tasks i place in my personal #triage folder to auto assign to me, i have to have my own workflow, as does my assistant. 

What if the option to Assign based on status allowed for Current User, like reports do? This would allow us to make ONE workflow that every user could use to start fresh tasks. 

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This would be so useful for us. At the moment we utilise Wrike for managing our job applications - they are emailed to one email address and then forwarded to specific folders for each manager to action.

However, every morning someone (usually me) has to reassign each task to the relevant manager. I would love it, if the folder determined who the task was assigned to. 

It may not be the same as described above - but definitely along the same logic lines

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