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If I set all of "My Team" to be comment only on my department's Space, but then I assigned a task within a project in my Space, does that automatically upgrade that person's access role? Or would they remain comment only on the task assigned to them?


Ideally we would like to share a lot of the company in different department's Spaces, but don't want them to be able to accidentally modify something. In the off chance people are then assigned a task from a department they aren't in, I want them to be able to update their status, edit the description, etc. Is that possible?

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Hi Nicole, thanks for your question and use-case here 🙂

When you set up access to a Space, that type of access will remain in place when you assign a task within this Space. For that reason, I'd suggest duplicating the task to the Space where a user has an Editor Access Role so that he or she will be able to edit the description, change a task's status etc.

Please let me know if you'd like to discuss this more, I'll be happy to help 👐

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