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FIX - Ability to assign deactivated users to tasks

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    Angie Leider

    If I could up-vote over and over again on this I would. Having to delete users is a pain because all tasks they were on need to be re-assigned BEFORE they can be removed. Sometimes it's important to maintain history and keep the name of whomever completed the task or was assigned to it. I was happy when the deactivated feature came out, but as noted in the request it's not very useful if you can still assign new tasks and comment to them.

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    Kyle Shertzer

    I have run into a similar problem with deactivated users. I almost @mentioned a deactivated user. This could be a big problem if you ask them a time critical question and do not realize they are deactivated. Some people may be deactivated temporary so I am not sure preventing them from being assigned or @mentioned would be the correct solution. I think deactivated users just need to be clearly marked as deactivated anyplace they are displayed.

    Along with this I think a useful feature would be some way to create a report to list tasks that are not complete and assigned to deactivated users.

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    Dave Silva

    Agree 100% Angie. Previously completely tasks should not need to be re-assigned from a deactivated user to a new user. We need to maintain that history, but also don't want them showing up in user lists!

    I would assume most people would NOT want to see deactivated users in their "@" and "assign" lists.

    They are probably mostly old employees that have left the company. I would think it would be an exception to the rule to be able to assign tasks to deactivated users.

    A great solution would be to have the deactivated users available in the list, but only when searching


    Stick them at the bottom of the list, marked as deactivated, grayed-out).

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    Colin Hall

    I don't even have the option to Deactivate Users any more.  Just found out that Deactivating Users is only available to Enterprise accounts, which we just downgraded from because Wrike was about to double the cost of our licence.  Can't even tell if the ones I deactivated in the past are still deactivated - not good.

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    Hi everyone, thanks for voting and adding your comments here. For now I don't have an update. It would be great if more Community members joined in the conversation.

    @Colin, please let me know if you want me to raise a Support ticket for you, the team might be able to help 👍

    Lisa Community Team at Wrike 🌎Discover... Wrike Discover and become a Wrike expert. Click here to get started

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