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[Status: Backburner ⌛️] Private messages needed!

We use Wrike a ton with our  clients, and it would be great to add a private message feature, so that Collaborators cannot see messages between full users sometimes. Teamwork, our old platform, had...

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Add Collaborators directly from a project

It would be SO much easier to have the ability to add a collaborator from within a project. Right now, you need to add the user from admin, and go back into the project to add them. 

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MS365 Integration - Add Excel Files!

Add the ability to link MS365 Excel files to Wrike tasks, just like your existing 365 integration. Excel is such an important tool for project managers, why not link it like you can with 365 Word d...

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MS365 Integration - Excel?

I like the Wrike add in for MS 365! But it doesn't look like you can link Excel files from 365 to Wrike tasks. That is KEY!  Am I missing something? Or can you just link Word and PPT docs?  Thank y...


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