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  3. [Status: Backburner ⌛️] Request Form - autosave?

Definitely need this feature.  our internet cut out for a second during a Wrike training session and everybody who had been practicing enteriing data into and submitting a request form lost all the...

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  3. Best Folder and Project Setup for cross-project and cross-department visibility

We have been struggling with the same issue.  Our folder structure is by project.  Each project has basically the same set of tasks but some are done by PD, some by Brand, some by Creative, etc.  W...

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  3. Sorting comments on tasks by most recent first

It would be super helpful to not have to scroll down through a list of comments to see if there are any new comments or to find a new comment.  I miss a lot of comments because I'm conditioned from...

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  3. Add document links

Can you link to Google docs?  


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