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Set default for "Working Days Only" when selecting a date in a request form

There should be a way to prevent selection of a weekend as a due date when submitting a request form. Currently users can select any date they want for due date when a task is created through our r...

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Combine guest reviews into approval

Would be great if all reviews could be started and managed from the same spot on the task. We have to do a mix of approvals with existing Wrike users, and guest reviews. Both are needed for a task ...

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Save default layout for Table view

Can a default layout be set for a Table? We have several custom fields assigned to a folder, and our users jump back and forth between Table and Board view in the folder. They need the columns in T...

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Mute notifications in desktop app

I would love a feature to temporarily mute notifications in the desktop app, similar to the way I can in Slack. I use Wrike for taking meeting notes, and get tons of notifications throughout the da...


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