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Common data models - JSON response body schema in HTTP requests

Hi, I don't want to overload this forum with my concerns (private support units will be booked by my company soon anyway). But I believe that the following problem is of interest to several users: ...

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How to check if (nested) task is part of a project via Wrike Integrate?

Hi,  I'm looking for a way to check if a (nested) task is part of a project (not part of a folder!... if this can be distinguished/explicitly determined via a Wrike Integrate Recipe - I couldn't fi...

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Copy project custom field value to all subtasks of this project

Hi, I spent the whole day in vain to solve this task with Wrike Integrate: Via GET request and the path  https://www.wrike.com/api/v4/folders/{folderid}/tasks?subTasks=true  I'm grabbing all the ta...


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