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  3. New Table View- Predecessors Column

Hello Lisa Just want to follow up here. Is this still being considered for the new table view? I don't see predecessors as a column option in our new table view.  Thanks!

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  3. 💫 Releases - Wrike's Holiday Countdown, Update for the New Table View, and More! (12/11/2023)

Group by date will be so helpful!

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  3. [Welcome!] New to the Community? Introduce yourself! 👋

Hi! I work as an Operations Manager at a learning design agency in MI

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  3. [Competition] Wrike's Holiday Countdown 2023 - Day 1

Turning off work notifications (even Wrike 🫣) on all devices is key for me when I need to unwind and take a break. I also like to plan something active to help keep my mind off work as well. 

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  3. [From Wrike] How to create color-coded indicators 🎨

Awesome tips here!


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