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  3. [Status: Not planned] Chat functionality

A lot of people want chat! Its all well and good having slack integration but if you could chat/video/ audio call even hold meetings in Wrike, it would blow everything else out the water. No need f...

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  3. How do I cancel my Trial subscription

Click on your avatar top right-hand corner, Profile settings, Account Information From there you should be able to change your plan.

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  3. GoTo Meeting Integration

This annoys me, these integrations would be incredibly useful but for some reason Wrike sees it fit to nearly double the subscription cost in order to activate them! The same integration on other p...

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  3. [Best Practices] Best Work View for You 👓

List view for me, for my team I'd like board view as I feel it would present the data better. But time will tell.

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  3. Choose which Progress Options to Enable in Table View

Agreed, very useful


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