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  3. Anonymous Request Forms

We do this to allow employees to anonymously submit any issues, but we just use the external link option and don't require the name and email of the person. I know it's an extra step having to gene...

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  3. [From Wrike’s Product Team] Feedback & Interviews: OKRs in Wrike 🎯

We have an OKRs space. Within that space, each quarter has it's own project. Within each project is a task for 1st check in, 1st pass, 2nd check, finalization, and recap and score, then within thos...

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  3. Request form selection launches another form

This would be very helpful. I've had to recreate a few different forms and had to do this through different form pages, but it gets tedious and would be nice to be able to link to another form.

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  3. Wrike Slow lately

I know Wrike had some major outages this morning (as we were one of the companies affected by it). After it all came back up and running we're now faster than we were before. Not sure if that's the...

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  3. Work Schedules for User from the API

This would be very useful. We'd like to build an integration into Workday that would allow us to automatically update people's PTO in Wrike as requests are approved in Workday.