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I am a manager in our R&D department and responsible for the introduction of Wrike at our side. I am very interested in project management since years. Now I am dealing with the huge task of building up a Wrike environment which fits to development processes in our company supporting people and their efficient work.


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  3. Are You Using Wrike for Product Development? Check Out This Post! 📌

yes we do

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  3. [From Wrike] Clickable Links in Request Forms 🔥

A small improvement, but much more important would be an if/then possibility to structure request forms better and to make the overview in the form preparation better.

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  3. [Community Member Spotlight] Pietro Poli ✨

Congrats Petro and a good story.

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  3. Sending Notifications or email to many users on Completion of Task in a Folder

James Koch we make it via automation.  I would set up an automation rule, that for a specific folder if a task changes to close (or what status ever) the automation makes an @-mention in the chat f...

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  3. ⬆️ Releases - New Table and Board View Updates, Jumping to Top, and Workflows (01/23/2023)

The Workflow management really helps for the job of an admin. Thanks. Please make it similar with other admin themes like scedules, request forms and job roles.

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  3. [Community Member Spotlight] Kevin Thalacker 👋

Nice inside in the usage in a complete other field of industrie as we are. But comparable story line: several datasources are merged in Wrike to achieve transparency. Thanks Kevin for the inside.

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  3. Make Wrike as simple as Outlook

Hi, we followed Florian Kislich suggestion. After the last update we completly skipped the desktop app as it has now bugs support can not help with. We put as Florian suggested a link to the webpag...

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  3. [From Wrike] 2022 Product Wrap-Up 📌

With custom item types I am still waiting until first period of finding what is not working is over. So we do not use them. Definitely the conditions in automation engine are a big help. Waiting fo...

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  3. Assistant Sharing Wrike Inbox with CEO

Hi Kate Collins, what will work is using the API. You can set up a bot (Jenkins Server) which is going through all tasks and if it sees a task for your CEO it assigns it also to his assistance if i...

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  3. [From Wrike] We want to hear from you! Share your Wrike "must have" resources for 2023. 🗓 📣

Stop changing the gui and concentrate more on the basic topics. Useres do not want to learn new GUI without benefit. Better inclusion of Sharepoint (search is a mess). Better management of custom f...


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