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I am a project manager with a background in IT systems and networks. Our team uses Wrike for a combination of project and work management.


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[Status: Backburner ⏳] Rich Text Formatting in Request Forms

Our users would love to be able to copy and paste (or type and format) answers in request forms in Rich Text formatting. We frequently receive marketing or website update requests that are submitte...

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[Status: Backburner ⏳] Dashboard Widget Filter for Finish Date in Past 30 days

Hello!  We use Dashboards as a reporting tool for project statuses, and one of the widgets that is helpful for at-a-glance reporting is "Projects Completed in the Last 30 Days". Right now, we have ...

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Color Coding for Importance Column in Table View

Some of our teams use the Importance column in table view to sort and filter their work. It would be great if the cells or text for High, Normal, and Low in the Importance column were color coded (...

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Change Advisory Board - Running a CAB in Wrike?

Has anyone set up a Change Advisory Board to use Wrike for CAB reviews or planning?  We are brainstorming how best to do it - So far, we set up one task named "<month year> Deployment Planning" and...

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Use Unito to Collaborate and Improve Cross-Team Visibility

Many organizations find that different teams utilize different tools to accomplish their work. This is certainly true in my organization, and the different tools meant different logins, different l...

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Organizing Dashboards and Reports in Space Tools

We organized our Dashboards and Reports into each department's Space so that team members have quick and easy access to these tools. It has helped a lot!

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Inbox Does Not Display

Hi all,  Wondering if anyone else has had a user report that their Wrike Inbox does not display anything in either the desktop app or the web client. The user can access projects, tasks, dashboards...


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