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I'm the executive communications manager at the University of Oregon. I use Wrike to manage our speechwriting and mass email processes. Currently, I'm working on developing Wrike processes for helping manage and provide a great workplace experience for our student employees and interns.


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  3. [Wrike Discover Course] 307 Resource Management in Wrike, Part 1 is here! 💥

Great course! Really helpful in thinking about how we are tracking and directing our resources using Wrike.

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  3. [Use Cases] Project RACI ✅

We've just started using the RACI model. Excited to start integrating this into our Wrike processes!

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  3. [Welcome!] New to the Community? Introduce yourself! 👋

Hi all, nice to meet you! I am not new to Wrike, but just discovered this Wrike Community and am excited to connect with other Wrike users and learn about how you're using Wrike. I work at the Univ...

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  3. Mass update of effort

Sven Passinger thanks for your explanation. Very helpful!