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Wrike Admin Types

My team discussed the other day around Wrike Administrator Permission levels.  We should have a couple preset groups depending upon what access is needed instead of having to pick each individual p...

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Download Option for Wrike Custom Fields in Administrator Console

Hey all, I am sure others have crossed this bridge, from time to time we try to review our Custom Fields for consistency and business alignment.  Unfortunately, as an Administrator, I do not have t...

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Allow All Users to See User Group Assignments

Is it possible to allow all users to see which users are assigned to a group without being a Group Admin?  For example, a Space Admin is looking to add a user to a Space, Project, etc and is not su...

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Changing a report owner

We have a user who left our company and we are trying to reassign a report to a different owner so we do not lose the report.  Any suggestions?  Is sharing the only option? Will sharing give the ot...


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