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  3. Beginners Guide: Get Data From Wrike’s API Without Coding via Postman

Thanks for this article. I wish I would have found it a few months ago! It does need to be updated for the current version of Wrike API. I was able to get it to work by adjusting the following: Yo...

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  3. Wrike Integrate - Example recipe to copy the value from a project-level custom field to all new tasks within that project

Hi Laura - This is amazing and very helpful. I appreciate your work and documentation of the steps. I was able to get it to work after changing the variable names quickly. Below are my two use case...

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  3. [Status: Released 🚀] Sending comments with plain Enter, adding new lines with Shift+Enter

I completely agree with the other posters. Shift+Enter is a new line. It is not Submit.  I have sent several unfinished notes because of this behavior.Otherwise the app has been great!