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Sharing subtask context

We have multiple tasks like this: Task A (Task name: Project A) * Action 1 * Action 2 Task B (Task name: Project B) * Action 1 * Action 2 And so on. All subtasks names are the same across the tasks...

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Auto Assign Reviewer in Proofing & Approval

Is there a way to automate assigning reviewers for approvals? It could be a chain - If Person 1 finishes approval, then Person 2 is automatically assigned to review. Order matters, so I don't want ...

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Cannot figure out PUT requests

Hello,GET and POST are working fine for me, but I am having trouble getting PUT requests to work. When I send this request to modify a task, it returns a 200 with the task data in JSON, but nothing...

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Attaching files from OneDrive For Business shared folder

Hello,Our company has a file structure where all our files are in an admin's OneDrive, and it is shared from there. Individual users can see the files in the "Shared with me" folder in their own On...