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Actionable Meeting for Zoom - Feedback

After testing the new Zoom integration, we feel it's quite one dimensional, only dealing with tasks.  We are hoping Wrike develops this further to be able to access and edit projects and folders as...

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Can spaces have their own specific workflows?

We would like to submit a development request for Spaces to have their own separate workflows. We have multiple accounts and Wrike spaces and our list of workflows is getting quite lengthy. We woul...

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Search Comments: by author/keywords

Is it possible to have a feature in Wrike where you can search for one specific comment that another user submitted in the past.  For instance, in a task or project where there is a very large amou...

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Will 'Wrike Publish' integrate with Webdam?

It looks like the new Wrike Publish feature is only setup to work in sync with MediaValet. Is that correct? We use Webdam for our asset management. Is it possible that Wrike Publish will soon be ab...


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