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Hi everyone! I very much enjoy using Wrike on a daily basis to track all of my work within a custom reporting team at my company. I am always interested in trying new features and I also am the SME on my team for our company!


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Create Widget Templates for Dashboards

Hi all, While I know you can duplicate an entire dashboard and then customize it for yourself, I am wondering if there is any interest in being able to create a widget and save it as a template for...

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Notifications for dashboard deletions

Hi,  I have had a dashboard disappear on me twice within the last month and half. Seems that it keeps getting deleted. Given this, I would appreciate if the dashboard creator could be contacted whe...

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Regular Audits ensure you are using Wrike to its fullest!

Hi everyone,  A best practice that I have found particularly useful is an annual audit of your processes, request forms, workflows, and blueprints. With my team using Wrike for 3-4 years now, the c...

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Shared Reports & Dashboards Help with Collaboration

Hi! I would say some tips for remote collaboration that I use regularly would include leveraging shared dashboards and reports. We have one shared dashboard to track all quality checks in flight an...


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