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  3. Enable Save Session in Wrike Desktop App

Agreed, I really need this feature! My laptop has a habit of needing a reboot when switching to wifi and I always have a LOT of tabs open to help me to organise my workload (I still haven't found a...

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  3. [Status: Released 🚀] Out of office -easy update profile status

Yes yes yes yes!! I periodically google this to see if there is a resolution yet :( Currently we have to just change our profile name to include the OOO info.. very low tech! We have people globall...

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  3. Prevent Assigning Reviewers on Vacation

I would like to take this one step further and allow auto-assigning to a nominated person when you're out of the office, so your tags always get picked up (as we can do with emails) our currently c...


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