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  3. [Status: Investigating 🕵️‍♀️ - available in New Table View (Wrike Labs)] Custom sort order - Folders

DOWN with alpha numeric. Custom sorting for all!!! PLEASE give us another option. Please....        

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  3. Feature Request: Tiered Sorting of Tasks

There has to be a better option than alphanumeric, where I have to 01., 02., 03. and so on. Please give us option beyond alphanumeric. I understand I can go sort things by priority but still have t...

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  3. [Status: Launched 🚀] @mention all in task / project

Holy Moly would the @task, @mentionalltask, feature be helpful. One task may have 2 to 10 team members following or assigned to various subtasks. But the ability to quickly ping all concerned parti...


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