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  3. Wrike Notifications in Slack

I Agree - this would be brilliant  - slack is brilliant for reducing the amount of email - and this kind of notification perfectly suits slack.  Please do this asap!

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  3. Navigation Pane changed...projects and folders do not appear

Just had the same problem - double click on the top folder (i.e the account name) and the folders all disappear and appear again.

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  3. Exporting cutom field data from selected folders

Thanks Nathan - we're using Google sheets manually at the moment - so that might be the first port of call.  

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  3. [Status: Not planned] Auto add time spent on subtask to parent task

We need this too please. Asap. We use tasks as user stories in an agile workflow. Subtasks are development tasks. It's vital to be able to easily see the total time on a user story built up from it...

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  3. Rouge task custom field that I cannot get rid of

Yup - thanks Stephen - all sorted.


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