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Add Option to Apply prefix to all tasks within a project

It would be helpful to add an option to retroactively apply a prefix to all tasks within a project.  There are still some areas of the product that do global searches when searching for a task (i.e...

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Dependencies - Need option to limit task search to current project/folder

When assigning a dependency to a task, using the Search Tasks feature which is presented when you click the Add button, it would be very helpful if we could limit the search scope to the project/fo...

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API - Gantt Chart Snapshots

Is there a way to obtain Gantt Chart snapshot links via the API or to create new snapshots?

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[Answered] Drag & Drop Subtasks to Other Parent Task

What I can do: I can drag & drop a subtask off of it's parent and make it a task at the same level as it's former parent.  I can then attach this task as a subtask on a new parent by going through ...


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