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  3. (Not) opening tasks in the Wrike app

I'm having this same issue. It does not seem consistent either. Sometimes links will open in the app, and sometimes they open in the browser (without a prompt to open in the app). I am using outloo...

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  3. Request form: Add selected follower on created task

This is a pretty common need for us, as there are typically multiple stakeholders that need visibility into a task. It would be great if the requestor can add followers as part of a form field so w...

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  3. 👑 Releases-Filters, new default view, and lot of releases (07/04/19)

Is it possible to set the filter presets available in the other views as well? I find the "workload" view within a space is the most helpful as it provides an "at a glance" view of your team's sche...

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  3. [Released] Hide Completed Projects from Project View

I think Matt's issue still isn't quite resolved yet either. We have the same issue with having to move our completed projects into an "archive" folder, which isn't really the best solution. I would...

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  3. File Tagging and Access

I agree with Lesley's initial feature request. In our work flow people are assigned to just the tasks they are responsible for. For example: We have design tasks that are dependent on the copywriti...