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Formula to Calculate Business Days of the Past Month

Hello team, I have a pivot table that is showing all of my resources' hours logged in the timelog for the past month in the following formula: sum([Timelog  Time  Spent (minutes)])/60 I would lik...

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Work Schedules for Job Roles

Greetings everyone, I have a question and I think I know the answer. I have a supply chain work schedule for Chinese Holidays. A few of our vendors are based in mainland China. I have created these...

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When adjusting dates for tasks that have predecessors, they become backlogged (losing duration, start date, end date)

Greetings team, I have a question and I know that I am doing this incorrectly which is leading to my problem. In wrike, I have 3 training tasks. These have been set to two predecessors.  I have re...

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Key Command Suggestions

Greetings team, Love the product. If you could implement the following keyboard short cuts you would make working in table view a lot easier. Insert key (for inserting new rows) Shift + Alt + Righ...


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