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Project Manager in the tech industry. Let's connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessetenorio/


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Recurring Sub Tasks

I'm in the process on onboarding a team member to Wrike and they have a lot of recurring tasks. We tried to nest tasks into themes (tasks + sub tasks) but as I discovered only tasks can be recurrin...

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Team Transitioning from Quip?

The organization I support is accustomed to using Quip to manage meetings, links, and everything for any project.  As someone new to the org I was tasked with incorporating Wrike. Once I understood...

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Project Status (task by task)

Do you have meetings with stakeholders to learn about task statuses? Want an easy way to show a custom report, as well as dive into overdue tasks? If so, here's a tip: If you use the app or web ver...

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Agenda in Calendar

Super simple tip: adding a quick sentence on any virtual meeting with the agenda and link to either the Wrike project or task. This helps everyone with preparation and saves time. 


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