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  3. Sending Notifications or email to many users on Completion of Task in a Folder

Thanks for the prompt response. I was seeing if anyone bites. I will give it a try with the team to see if they want to work in the Wrike way. 

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  3. Permalink a Dashbaord

Just bumping. Users/new and old have difficulty finding and using dashboards or similarly wiht reports. Just needs a permalink so can copy offsite.  In a few cases I have got them using it, when it...

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  3. Viewing task list from project report

just to add I have the same issue. Go to project in my inbox, got a nice update want to add some tasks and there is no button to click, to go to a task view. From a UI perspective it would be nice ...

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  3. Change Sort Order in Dashboard Widgets

Adding my vote. I would prefer to be able to generally sort or manually sort.  Example user case is I have a widget showing a persons tasks. Right now New is at the top, then goes down list of prio...


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