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  3. How to automatically assign a color to project icon using requests

I agree. More color coding. I know you can change the color based on the workflow for just the copy, but is there a way to make the whole project or task bar one color?

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  3. Lock Task Due Dates

If you use a blueprint you could always add the due date in there that way the original date will not got lost if someone changes it from the calander.

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  3. Using Wrike like a Chat

  This is such a great idea so you can quickly collaborate with team members within Wrike. Maybe get pinged so it alerts you.

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  3. ⬆️ Releases - New Table and Board View Updates, Jumping to Top, and Workflows (01/23/2023)

Great Additions. I can't wait to try the new view.

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  3. [From Wrike] Join our Community Badge Program ✨

I can't wait to find faster solutions from other community members while my team is implanting Wrike!


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