Rights for tasks - allow changing dates of subtasks


we are using different access rights for our projects to protect them against accidential changing of time change. So our normal assignees do not have the right to change dates in a project (even in their own tasks), only project managers and teamleaders can do that. In this way we prevent people changing the project plan.

Now we have the situation that people gettig a task and make a subtask for a colleague. As they are not allowed to change dates they can also not set the date of new task or shift the date. So it would be good to implement a further right in Wrike that as "allow to change date of subtask below own parent task, but only in the time range of the parent task".

Another right which would be good, is "I can shift dates of tasks if I am the creator or assignee".

These two rights as possibility to give them via access roles would be great.



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