Saving & Working with Forms

I just lost an hour's work.

It's so easy to click out of a form without saving it. I wanted to go check a custom field so I did that, forgetting I needed to use a new tab. If the forms had a 'save notification' pop up when you tried to click out of it without saving, this would be a valuable safety feature.

Also, our form is pretty big and takes a while to load. That in itself it frustrating, but when it dumps you back out at the forms list each time you save and you have to click back into it, that's really something that should be looked at.

And another have to add a new query at the bottom of a page, then drag it up to where you want it? Clunky!

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Hi Stevie Kirk, thanks a lot for posting your feedback in relation to Wrike's Request Forms! I'm passing it to our Product team now 👍

Please let me know if there's anything else that I can help you with! 

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