Google Apps Script Webhooks, populate a document with data from Wrike. I need some better resources.

Wrike Integrate is not mentioned in docs for using webhooks. Is it required or can I just use the API? I have been trying to set up a webhook with Google App Scripts to populate a document with custom data fields from Wrike. The trigger is a new project created. When this project is created it would call google and use the custom data fields sent in the payload to populate a document using App Scripts. The example in the documentation for webhooks does not work for me and is vague, for example, not using 'Event types' in the curl calls. The documentation is also a bit vague and found this video ( which uses Wrike Integrate. The man used a URL that he used "in the past" that was not explained and I think I am missing something in this process. Are there any other resources out there that can point me in the right direction for this specific use case? Is Wrike Integrate required? Also, if you have any insight to provide I would greatly appreciate it. 

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Hi John Ketterer, thank you for reaching out. Sorry to hear that our documentation seems a bit unclear about webhooks. While there are no video tutorials about this, I hope you will be happy to know that it's possible to create a webhook without Wrike Integrate. Let me elaborate on the steps below.

First of all, register and properly set up the Wrike API application. As an API authentication method, you can use either permanent token or OAuth 2.0:

Next, please go to your server that will receive the payload and copy a test hook URL that you will use in your tests.

Then please follow the instructions described in our webhook documentation:
When you run a POST/Webhooks request in Postman, you'll get an ID of your Webhook and its status in the response. Now you can make changes in the account/space/folder and track them on the Webhook server side. When something happens in the account, the webhook will send a tiny bit of JSON file to the URL specified during webhook creation.

I can see that you have several open cases with Wrike Support. Feel free to reply to the tickets, if you need any additional help from the team. To find your requests with Wrike Support, please click your profile picture at the top of the Community page > select My activities.

Thank you!​😊

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