Indicate accurate proof status next to the file being proofed

Currently 'Changes Required' is listed right next to the file being proofed, whether proofing is finished or not.

It creates the impression that everyone has weighed in even when they haven’t. This has caused confusion several times.

"Why haven't you gotten to work on round 2 yet?"
"Because round 1 isn't finished proofing."
"Yes it is."
"No it isn't."
"It says so right there...'Changes Required'."
"I know but that's not accurate, I'm not sure why it says that." wastes time and could make us look bad.

Simply show the proof's status in that place:
Approved, Changes Required, or In Progress.

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Hi Robert Carroll, thanks for posting!

At the moment, if multiple people are assigned to review the same file and everyone has reviewed the file and at least one person has indicated that changes are required, the overall status for that file is Changes Required. If someone hasn't provided their decision yet, the status changes to Pending Approval. You can hover over the review status to see everyone's decision.

I've also shared your feedback about having an "In Progress" status with our Product team. If there are any plans to introduce such status in the future I'll be sure to let you know🙋🏻‍♀️ 

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