Adding Multiple Guest Reviewers at once


Out entire team of over 125 users are looking for a feature where we can add multiple emails ID's at once to send out a guest review. Right now, we are having to manually add each email ID one by one and this gets tedious when you have a list of over 40-50 people to send it out to at once for multiple projects. Just like we can "invite" multiple users to join Wrike at once, if there was a way to add multiple email ID's to send guest reviews, that would be very helpful.


Nischay Bhargav

On behalf of Canadian Tire Corporation

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Hello Nischay Bhargav, welcome to the Community 👋🏻

Thank you for sharing your feedback and your use case here. I've passed it on to our Product team. Here is a useful article explaining what happens after we receive Product feedback 🖊

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