Resource booking as %, not hours!


I'm using Bookings to book project managers' time on projects. I find having to input bookings in hours in this context absurd.

One of my most frequent booking scenario is: As a manager, I want to allocate 50% of one of my project managers' time to this project, during the whole project.

Right now I have to:

1. Open the project

2. Select the Resource view

3. Set the booking on the whole project duration

4. Open the calculator and do: duration_of_the_project_in_days *  8 * pourcentage

5. Input the allocation time in hours

I'm sure this can be shortened a loooot



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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hello Alexandre BRUN, thank you for your detailed feedback, I've passed it on to our Product team 👍🏼

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