How can I get tasks to show on Board?

I have checked the workflows, and they are the same between the tasks and the board. What else can I do?



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Hi Dianna Chatterjee,


You also need to set the default workflow for the folder you are using for this board. To do this you will first need to look at the folder level info. Once you are in the desired folder you will want to;

1.) Click on the Folder Information icon in the top left hand corner. 


2,) In the top left hand corner of this new window, you will see the option Default Workflow, click on it. 

3.) You can then select the default workflow for tasks and projects. For your tasks to appear in the status that they are assigned you will want to change the option "For Tasks".

4.) You can simply click in one of the boxes and then start to type the name of your custom workflow to have it appear. Once you see it you can click to select. 

Once you have selected this your board should then show all the different status' and the tasks that have that status. 


Hope that helps.



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