Admin controls on Add/Delete Custom Field permissions

I wish there were a separate setting under the Account Management Settings section, with radar button for

  • Allow Users to Add/Delete Custom Fields
  • Allow Only Administrators to Add/Delete Custom Fields

This option would control the entire account, including Personal Spaces/Projects/Folders and Blueprints.  Based on discussion with the support team (ticket 1011214) I did create a new Access Role, and removed users ability to Add/Delete Custom Fields, and set them under this new role on all Spaces; however, they still have the ability in their Personal Space or Blueprints to Add new custom fields and Delete existing custom fields.  I was thankful the support team was able to restore the custom field one of my users deleted (that immediately broke all calendars and reports) but we should be able to control this account-wide, not Space-specific. 

Users go to Table View and see the + icon and don't realize the implications of Adding New or Deleting Existing.  I spend way too much time chasing down users who create new custom fields in their Personal Space.

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hello Meredith Selden, thank you for your detailed feedback and for sharing your use case here. I've passed it on to the Product team 👍🏼

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