Filter on Billing Type at project level


Feature request:

Can you add a filter in the table view on the project billing type?

With the new custom view I want to tweak a view to show all projects (billable / non-billable) combined, that works fine :)

But I would also like to create a view ONLY showing all non-billable projects tasks and on task level that is fine but it does also keep showing billable projects (even if these don't carry any tasks).  This makes the view confusing.

I know in past we did have project 'workflow' filtering in the table view but that have been implemented, I think we need the same for the Billing Type.

Thank you

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Hey Peter Vanwetswinkel, thanks for sharing your suggestion with us here, and sorry for the delay! 

We've passed this on to our Product team. If we have any updates to share in relation to this we'll be sure to let you know.

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