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we are trying to implement our Changemanagement database into Wrike. Now I am wondering how we can manage this. As we use Wrike for project management it would be really nice to have also changes of products in the same database and not to use a second one.

What I mean:

in the Changes we are looking from the view of artcilenumbers. So the problem we have:

we got a change nr. 1 which has the task to change articlenumber 456. We want to hava a database where we put then the status of artnr. 456 to in change.

If now a change nr. 37 is also trying to change something on the artnr. 456 we would recognize it.

Is there a way to implement such task or project spanning database and to fill this database from the task? So ideal would be to have in a blueprint for a cahnge proposal a possibility to enter the articlenumbers involved and then automatically these numbers are written to the database and compared to other entries in the database. Ideally that would work automatically.

Any ideas?


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Hi Sven Passinger!

One possible workaround could be to create a custom field for the change numbers, and to include this custom field in all the relevant tasks. This way, you'll be able to see what number a task is currently on, and the previous numbers that task had before in the custom field history.

Hope this helps! If you need anything else, let me know.


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