Tagging/Categorizing attachments

Is there any plan to allow tagging or categorizing attachments in a task? I want to be able to distinguish between attachments that are the product of the task vs attachments that are resources provided from task requesters. This is particularly important for us when referencing older closed projects — unless there are notes or comments about the attachments, it's hard to tell what is a final deliverable vs a reference file. 

This could be similar to how the attachment section distinguishes between files in review vs. not in review. 

We try to manage this through filenaming at times, but most of our reference attachments are provided via request forms, so that's rarely an option. A secondary fix that might be easier to develop would be to have the option to rename an attachment. If I could do that, I could at least add a prefix to reference files & sort by name to easily ID them. 

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I second that motion. It would be very helpful to categorize attachments by folders, possibly in the Files view? That way we can avoid confusion at to which attachments go to which part of the project.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hey TheDesignerd and Samantha Babcock,

Thank you for sharing this feedback and these suggestions. If the Product team has any new information about this, I'll be sure to let you know!



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