๐Ÿ‘ป Releases - Filters, sharing tasks, and busting ghosts (08/24/20)

Feature Updates

Quick Filters Panel in Table View

When you apply project progress or project health filters to a folder/project/space on the Table view, you will see the progress if you click on the quick filters icon. Do it regularly until it becomes a healthy practice!

Resizing Backlog Box

Time to think inside the box - it's now possible to resize the horizontal backlog box by clicking the line at the top and dragging your mouse up or down.


Ghost Tagged Tasks in Gantt Chart Snapshot

Sometimes, when you created a Gantt Chart snapshot for a folder and there were tasks ghost tagged with another folder, these tasks were excluded from the Gantt chart snapshot even though they matched the set filters. This is fixed.

Tagging Tasks From Shared With Me

Some of you couldn't tag items to a folder from the Shared With Me section in Search. The folder was not in any space, it was from the Shared with me section. Fixed.


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